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"I’m running because of my long-time commitment to public education and because this position is critical now as we struggle to recover from a recession and widespread educational disruption. The Los Rios Community Colleges and centers will be at the center of our region’s recovery, helping students to start or re-start their education and careers. This is a time when our values matter—and I want to share mine with you."

This is a time when our values matter.

Here are the values that will guide Kelly Wilkerson’s decisions as your Service Area 4 Trustee.

Kelly believes in serving all students

Our community colleges must welcome and support everyone: the college-bound, the career-bound, 18-year-olds, mid-life career changers, veterans, undocumented neighbors, self-starters, and learners who require academic or mental health support. Kelly will be visible and relentless in letting community members know about the low- and no-cost transfer and career education opportunities available through Los Rios.

Kelly believes in putting our money where it matters

The California state budget may face cuts in the years ahead. Kelly will fight for funding for classroom and counseling needs, always putting students above million dollar consulting contracts and pricey new initiatives.

Kelly believes in listening to educators

Our educators prioritize excellence, equity, and empathy. They are the experts in everything from online education to closing the opportunity gap. Kelly knows we need to hear and heed their voices.

Kelly believes in collaboration

Serving students starts with building relationships in our high schools and our communities. Kelly will develop deep connections with school districts and county offices of education, union apprenticeship programs, four-year universities, area employers, and local governments.

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